Pullback Finance

Supercharge your life with automated finance.

Build your own

digital bank service

Do you still rely on time consuming, expensive financial services? PullBack fixes this. Take back the full control of your entire financial life

Financially connect

with your loved ones

No matter how far apart, you’ll be closer than ever to your loved ones. Your financial ‘interactions’ are now easier than ever

One button away

from any financial service

The next level of smart finance is now at your finger tips through a simple QR code scan. Just tap and transact — 24x7

Business automation

for trust leverage

PullBack ensures 100% safety for any two entities who want to make a transaction or enter a contract agreement

Deposit to earn BTC


APY Compound Rate / Year

+ 1 PLBK Reward

for every 0.000002 BTC earned

Daily Withdrawals

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Deposit to earn USDT


APY Compound Rate / Year

+ 1 PLBK Reward

for every 0.1 USDT earned

Daily Withdrawals

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bonus for the first 1,000 depositors

Eligible for a minimum deposit of 500USDT or 0.01 BTC

Bonus is withdrawable in app at the application launch time

Bonus is lost if the balance goes lower than 500USDT or 001 BTC

Each user has only one chance to get the bonus

Claim your bonus

Who and what is PullBack?

PULLBACK is programmed to reward HODLers while increasing in both liquidity and value.

It does this by applying a 10% tax on transactions; 5% goes to HODLers, 5% is auto-locked to liquidity.


We burned 30% of the total supply after launch, and sent it to a black hole address.

As this address also participates in the protocol, it accumulates more tokens,

thereby effectively removing them from circulation. There is no limit to the burn; the black hole will continue to grow,

increasing the scarcity of PULLBACK.

WHY 30%?

This part makes PULLBACK hyperdeflationary; the burn address accumulates the most coins during tax distribution.


LP tokens are burned, & liquidity is locked forever.


No one has control over the token contract, so no malicious actions are possible.


PULLBACK HODLers will have the right to access our governance system — a platform on which HODLers can vote and make future suggestions.


We are already planning to set up a charity wallet! We will use the accumulated tax to send to a charity that has been chosen by our community. This will be a periodic thing that we do for different charities as a community.

NFT Farm

In the near future, HODLers will also be able to use the PULLBACK token in order to farm NFTs! Partnerships with various artists are already in the works.


Q2 2021

UniSwap listing


Coingecko, Coinmarketcap,

Etherscan and Blockfolio listing

Token burn

Q3 2021

Charity Wallet

Community Suggestions

Governance platform

Smart contract audit

CEX listing

Token burn

Airdrop for token holder

Q4 2021

NFT Farm

More exchange listings


Working out



Token burn

Airdrop for token holder

And more …


Andrei Oltean

Founder & Governance Council


Arthur Fleischer

Founding Member & Governance Council


Alexandru Stoica

Founding Member & CBD Project Manager


Codrut Cioran

Executive Director


Vlad Morar

Member& Software Developer