Here are a couple of possible examples of involvement to be requested from early adopters and which can be executed starting with the next version of the website:

I. Joining the waiting list

Staged releases don’t imply that we don’t validate the product concept with the market segments we address…

We are very excited to share more information about the token economy available on PullBack. As expected, PullBack, bringing a new era of automated finance, will introduce a token in our ecosystem. The ticker will be PLBK and we love to call it “PullBacks”.

Please find below a comprehensive list…

There’s a strange feeling we all get when we know something big is about to happen. It’s a sensation in the tip of your spine — a little jolt of brain chemicals that makes your skin tighten and your body shiver a little.

On January 9th, 2007, a crowd full…

Supercharge your life with automated finance.

Build your own

digital bank service

Do you still rely on time consuming, expensive financial services? PullBack fixes this. Take back the full control of your entire financial life

Financially connect

with your loved ones

No matter how far apart, you’ll be closer than…

Pullback Finance

Supercharge your life with automated finance.

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